My Anatolian Shepherds

Apollo & Rocky


My working dogs. I have learned when you have livestock it is best to protect them from predators, and sure enough these have been the best guardians of our livestock. I got Rocky around 9 weeks and Apollo around 10 weeks. They have grown up around goats and now live with our goats full time. They came from working Farms, and have proven what they are good at. We bred them for the first time this year. They produced beautiful puppies. I don't know how I will part with them when they go to their homes. Apollo is a gentle giant, I have 5 kids and our youngest is 2. They are both good with our kids. 

Rocky and Apollo have been together since they where pups.


A match made in heaven



As with all livestock guardians you want to start working them young, supervised of course. Puppies are playful, you never want to leave them unattended with livestock. They could pick up bad habits. She took to her job well.


Why livestock guardian dogs (LGD)?

These are the perfect dogs to have to protect your livestock. And I'm talking about LGD's in general. Not just my gorgeous Anatolians! But do your research prior to obtaining one. I did, these are not like regular dogs they have their own internal instinct. As a puppy they already have that natural drive to protect. They just need to be guided in the direction you want them to protect your livestock/family. Each dog has a personality of their own and they do need training. Please don't let me scare you away! I have 5 kids, goats and regular dogs. Oh and I can't forget my chicks that I just got. I read, looked online and joined LGD pages on Facebook. There is a big community out there to help. As part of my puppy package I offer as much support as needed for a lifetime. If I don't know the answer to a question I will point you in the right direction. I myself am still learning new tips all the time. 


2019 Litter

We are excited to breed Rocky and Apollo again! We will be announcing confirmed breeding. Please  take a look at our 2018 Litter photos. She had 1 female and 6 males! 

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